About Us

GuideRatna, founded in March 2018 a Govt. recognized startup company, disrupting the way tourist normally buy the experience. It is an app based platform that pair solo and group tourist with local tourist guide and guided experience.This patented innovation, potentially disrupt the travel and tourism Industry globally.

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Guides are actively helping tourists in Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

We’re on a journey to transform ordinary trips into extraordinary ones. We are your guide, bringing you personal experiences. Wherever your travels take you, we’ll show you the unique and unmissable things to do in your destination. With GuideRatna on your side (and in your pocket), creating memorable moments has never been easier. Today, hundreds have used GuideRatna to turn their travel dreams into reality. And we’re just getting started. We're changing the way people connect to the places they visit so anyone can create their dream vacation.It’s your journey, your way. We just help you for betterment .

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Drop us a mail at info@guideratna.com