by SUMAN GHOSHOct 10th, 2019

I am sure you have heard of North star. It is also called the 'Guiding star'. It used to help people determine the directions & guide them to their desired destination when technology was still in it's infancy. Tourist guides in our modern society are kind of the same. They helps us discover the famous tourist spots with their story, cousine, culture. history that we rarely heard in modern media or usual travel books. They helps us discover the places in such a way that we can never do by ourself by only depending on our 5 senses. They are like those unknown super heroes that are always trying to protect the local culture & history by the means of storytelling.

Meet Some of our superheroes

Ankan Biswas, Rina Saha, Anurupa Saha & Priti Dey (from the left)